We’re all going to be dead in a month 

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50 pictures of Ed and Leighton (48/50

Film/TV Asks

1. Talk about your favorite film of all time (or one of them)
2. Talk about your favorite tv show of all time (or one of them)
3. Talk about a movie, or an aspect of one that you think people don’t get or misunderstand
4. Talk about a film you think is underrated
5. Talk about a film you think is overrated
6. Talk about a show you think is underrated
7. Talk about a show you think is overrated
8. Talk about a movie you love
9. Talk about a movie you hate
10. Talk about a show you love
11. Talk about a show you hate
12. Talk about a performance you love
13. Talk about a performance you hate
14. What’s a character, from film or television, that you relate a lot?
15. What’s a movie you expected to like/love but ended up disliking?
16. What’s a movie you didn’t expect to like but ended up loving
17. What’s a show you loved at first but ended up disliking by the end?
18. What was the first movie or show that made you cry?
19. What was the last movie you saw in the theater?
20. What’s a movie that caused you to become scared of something?
21. Talk about a specific nightmare that a movie or show gave you
22. What do you think is the funniest movie ever made?
23. What do you think is the saddest movie ever made?
24. What do you think is the scariest movie ever made?
25. What do you think is the funniest show ever? (you can pick a specific episode if you want)
26. What do you think is the saddest show ever?
27. What do you think is the best adaptation of a book? (film or TV)
28. What do you think is the worst adaptation of a book?
29. What do you think is the most well shot film or show?
30. What’s a movie or show you love but often forget about?
I would like Martin Scorsese to be interested in a female character once in a while, but I don’t know if I’ll live that long.

Meryl Streep pulling weeds (via tarntino)

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the criticism of scorsese is absolutely true and valid but lmao honestly how dare you bring quentin tarantino into this by calling him “a basic white guy” and lumping him in with pedophile rapist woody allen… quentin has written better WOC than half of hollywood’s biggest directors right now. kill bill features 6 lead women (3 being WOC) all incredibly strong and complex, and death proof has two different sets of kickass women and WOC. two movies alone featuring about a dozen female characters. so what the hell are you even talking about. the book that jackie brown was based on featured a white female lead but quentin cast pam grier simply because she was the right actress for jackie, absolutely no hesitations because of her race. so go ahead and demand better women from scorsese but tarantino has been establishing a standard for filmmakers to write better female characters since the ’90s.

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“She was the one that came to mind when I was reading the Antonia Fraser biography. When they described her personality I thought this was something that Kirsten could portray. She has the bubbly, silly, not serious side, but then she has the real depth and substance for when she evolves. I felt like she had both and also that she could carry the whole film. And being German, she looks like how they described her.”

-sofia coppola


this has gone too far



The Fault in Our Stepbrothers



i remember when i was in second grade and i saw my sister kiss her female friend on the cheek and i was totally floored because i didn’t know two girls could kiss each other and i went to school and told my friends and we all started kissing each other and i basically started a lesbian uprising

Don’t want to alarm anyone but I think this could be an omen

Someone check I’m still alive in 7 days


I live in a really bad neighborhood and my friend came over and we heard gun shots and she was like “ooh fireworks” and I just smiled and nodded.

my life in south east london







Real talk is flowing from his mouth like a damn fountain.

sick sick sick burns




My life

Her little crab hands

I love her

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